SHG Webinar

Dec - 17 - 2020 9.00 am

Self-help groups are informal groups of people who come together to address their common problems. While self-help might imply a focus on the individual, one important characteristic of self-help groups is the idea of mutual support – people helping each other.

A SHG (self help group) is a community based group with 10-20 members. They are usually women from similar social and economic backgrounds, all voluntarily coming together to save small sums of money, on a regular basis.

Functioning of SHGs

Size of the SHG


The ideal size of an SHG is 10 to 20 members. (Advantage: In a bigger group, members cannot actively participate. Also, legally it is required that an informal group should not be of more than 20 people.).

The group need not be registered.

Event Details

Organizer : Data Club India Ujjain

Start Date : Dec - 17 - 2020

Time : 9.00 am

Cost : Free

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Venue : Data club India

Address : Ujjain Madhya Pradesh India

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